Systems Thinking Workshop

Systems Thinking is the science and art of implementing strategic thinking across your organization to drive top to bottom performance.

This workshop is an overview of Systems Thinking principles and an in-depth look at strategic vs. tactical approaches to problem solving. Each workshop is designed specifically for your industry in partnership with your organization.

Programs are designed after initial consultation with the change leader, in which the primary components and objectives are defined.

All workshops include:

Organizational needs assessment
Industry-specific content
Applied activities
Customized materials for everyday application

One-Day Workshop

  • Overview of Systems Thinking Principles.
  • In-depth look at strategic vs. tactical approaches to problem solving.
  • Customized Field Guide for your team.
  • Activities to engage systems thinking principles.

Two-Day Workshop
Everything from the one-day workshop and:

  • Customized development of strategic plan for your organization guided by systems thinking principles.
  • Hands on application to develop a solution for a specific organizational challenge that you face.
  • Follow-up one hour coaching call

Strategy is doing the right thing.
Tactical is doing things right.

Posts and Podcasts about Systems ThinkingCheck out our podcast page to hear more about this theory and what it can do for your business!

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