We work with companies who are asking themselves, “How do we create and sustain organizational change?”

Consulting – Speaking – Research

What we can do for youAt The Packard Group, we are innovation experts led by Dr. Josh Packard. Our focus is working with executives and managers who are tasked with driving innovation or creating organizational change. We offer a variety of services to best suit client needs by creating the value that matters to their organizations. We construct tailored organizational strategies that drive innovation and repeatable success by using a unique, research-driven perspective that taps into fundamental laws of human behavior.

Systems Thinking Workshop

In these one and two-day workshops, we work with your organization to implement strategic thinking to drive top to bottom performance. Each workshop is customized to your specific industry including materials that can be used daily in your field.

Board Development & Retreat Facilitation

Meetings facilitation and strategic planning with organizational boards based on customized desired outcomes. We meet the needs of any size board or retreat group.

Executive Coaching & Custom Advising

The Packard Group will work as advisors during implementation of innovation and strategies. Hands-on coaching for top-level staff and decision-makers.


We will bring our expertise, humor and realism to your event. Our principles translate to all industries, are supported by research and data, and are delivered with an entertaining edge.

Corporate Training & Strategy Development

Workshops for your executive leadership and employees that drive innovation and strategy development.

Research Services and Custom Solutions

We build customized research products for your organization and use the data to apply our principles in your specific environment. We offer a wide range of products and methods to address your need for original research.

The Packard Group invested time to understand our business, our team and how we differentiate. They masterfully facilitated the workshop in a way that yielded high-participation, self-reflection and improvement plans for the Velvet Chainsaw team.

If you’re looking for a strategic facilitator, progressive big picture thinker and someone who quickly earns trust of the participants, Josh is a refreshing, future focused option.

Dave Lutz Managing Director, Velvet Chainsaw Dave Lutz
Managing Director, Velvet Chainsaw





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